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Reliable Septic Solutions in Elm City, Wilson, Rocky Mount & Surrounding Areas

Not only are septic systems economical and long-lasting but also easier on the environment than traditional sewer lines—making them a great choice for homeowners. However, they are not a set-it-and-forget-it system. Our local and family-owned team at Roberson’s Plumbing and Septic makes maintaining this all-important system easier than ever with reliable septic pumping services in Wilson City and throughout the surrounding areas. 

If not pumped routinely, solids build up in your system and your property could suffer some unpleasant consequences, including:

  • Foul sewage odors 
  • Wastewater flowing back into your home’s drains
  • Slow drainage around your home
  • Swampy, pooling water over the drain field
  • Overly lush lawn over the septic system

To avoid these consequences, give our pros at Roberson’s Plumbing and Septic a call. We will walk you through your service and help you establish a pumping schedule that fits your needs and budget. With estimates, and highly trained specialists, our team is ready to solve your every septic problem. Call us at (252) 262-2830.

How Often Does a Septic Tank Need to Be Pumped?

Because no two homes are the same, no two septic tanks are either. In order to know how regularly your system should be pumped, we first need to determine the capacity of your tank as well as the amount of wastewater the household produces, which is normally set by the number of people living there. For example, if you live alone, it is possible to go 8 – 10 years without needing your septic tank pumped. However, if you are a family of seven, you might need to have your system serviced every two years. If your septic tank is brand new, a general rule of thumb is to have it pumped every 3-5 years. When our professionals arrive, we will share whether you can go a little longer next time or should call us sooner, so you are never stuck overspending on service.  

Septic Tank Repair & Installation in Wilson City

prompt Septic Service You Can Count On

At Roberson’s Plumbing and Septic, our team understands how crucial your septic tank is to the function of your home, so if the system begins to malfunction or break down, we’ll be by your side in a flash. We offer 24/7 emergency services to get your tank back up and running in no time. We strive to make your septic service as affordable as possible, so our professionals will do everything we can to provide repairs that fix your system quickly. However, if repairs are inadequate or cost-prohibitive, our team has the equipment and expertise to seamlessly replace your system. From brand-new septic system installation to routine pumping, repairs, and replacements, our licensed team has you—and your property—covered. 

Call our team today at (252) 262-2830 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. 

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